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The 200-character selection guide for the 2019 fall and winter sports meet

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The sports meeting held in the school can cultivate the students' qualities such as striving forward, observing discipline, collectivism, and sense of honor. It also has the role of encouraging the spirit of teachers and students and active school life. The editor compiled a selection of 200 words for the refueling draft of the 2019 Autumn and Middle School Elementary School Games. Welcome to refer to it.

200 words of cheering draft

The rehearsal of the 200-word relay 1 of the Games' cheering draft 1 made everyone's heart beat. You do your best to pass the victory in your hands to the next person; we work hard to pass on the hope in our hearts to you. You hit the line and we cheered. Not only for victory, but more importantly, we have learned a precious spirit, that is, unity.

"No matter how rough the road is, we have ambitious ambitions, and we will not give up even if we fall ..." GO! GO! GO! Take out your hot heart, race a brand new one, and win the final victory! Look, the aura of victory is away from you Getting closer, believe in yourself, persistence is victory! We will always support you-athletes! Where there is a will, there is a way!

Games refueling draft 200 words relay 2 The baton brings you the flames of friction,

Warmed my hands.

In the urgent news, what we see in Shaan is eternity.

It is unity and friendship.

Your roar shocked you, me, and him, and touched you, our heart,

Let's perform this exciting passion flying together.

Let us be collective, our hearts,

For a piece of heat, light a warm lamp.

4 * 100 burst is infinite power,

The warmth is our home, the interpretation is unity and love.

Games refueling draft 200 words relay 3 This is the relay of speed and perseverance,

This is the relay of hope and hope,

Time freezes here,

Minutes and seconds have become so long.

Thousands of eyes are watching your strong figure,

Near, near

Have you ever heard that tsunami-like cheering sound?

Near, near

Ahead is the end,

Come on, athletes,

Success and failure are instantaneous

Games cheer draft 200 words relay 4 red and white

Two very different worlds

Pass in hands

Passing success or failure

You thrash with passion

In the hands of athletes

You are a magic wand

Touched the heart of the audience

At the end

You are thrown up high by the winner

You are thrown far away by the loser in resentment

but you

No complaints

Games refueling draft 200 words relay 5 A runway, four people to build a belief, four people to fight each transfer is a trust transfer, each transfer is eternal support for the past 500 times to look back, can be exchanged Today's encounter, rush! To the end, to the common goal of four people, move forward!

A small wooden stick is connected to unity and friendship. A small wooden stick conveys courage and strength. A small wooden stick is a struggle and hard work. At all times, always echoing in our hearts!

200 words of cheering draft

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Life needs movement, and the world needs automatism.

* Athletes, we are the ambitious generation, we are the first generation to fight.

There are several beats in life, and you don't wait for when.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Spelling out our pride, and also fighting spirit. On the field, we are so cool!

* Come on! * Must win!

"Because you are the best"

Success! Finally success! We applaud you, we cheer for you!

You are the best because you believe in yourself, you are the best because you have the strength.

You are also the cutest because you show your style. You, Liang Qingqing, the pride of automation, you opened the prelude to automation and opened the atmosphere of competition for the athletes.

GO! Rush forward! You stand as a monument, and running forward is a banner.

Rush forward! Victory belongs to you. Because we believe you!

`` 5000m Anthem ''

You are like an eagle, soaring in the clear sky, you are like a venus, flashing in the universe, you are like a horse, galloping on the battlefield

Not like a cheetah, galloping among the grasslands, you are like a speedboat, galloping in the ocean

The fruits of victory are waiting for you to pick the peak of hope and wait for you to climb

`` Zambia Athlete ''

Although the 100-meter runway is not long, the athletes are highly motivated. Struggling to fight, every second wins.

There are brave girls in the third and seventh grades. In ancient times, Mulan rushed to the battlefield. Today, Lang Ping runs a hundred meters.

Aim to innovate school records, brave the first brave rush of the Olympic Games

"Instant freeze"

The annual sports meets as scheduled. The magnificence of the "Soldier in the Autumn Field"

Presumably gave us unspeakable passion. So I put down my pen,

Feel the intense pulse and heartbeat.

In anticipation, and in anticipation, sadness or joy, joy or madness, are unknown.

But what we know is that we have such a great event.

We once paid regardless of cost will be affirmed and fulfilled in this season of conflict with dreams,

The outcome is not important, allowing our intelligence and physical strength to compete on an equal footing,

In the competition, we show our perseverance and self-confidence. We long, we support, we applaud the heroes on the podium,

We also applaud the losers. Because in a short moment, it can be solidified into an eternal picture, telling the pursuit of not being old, and interpreting the brave qualities.

Praise referee

Willow tree pull out new buds, how can we forget the blowing of the spring breeze? Little grass drilled out of the soil, how can we forget the moisture of the spring rain?

How can I forget the caress of the sun when the flowers burst into beautiful smiles? The growth of children must not forget the training of teachers.

Today, how can we forget our achievements, fair and successful belong to the strugglers

Harvesting the gold medal, selfless referee teacher

"Success belongs to the struggler"

The more given. The more you harvest. The more you struggle, the more perseverance you gain.

Strong faith wins the shining gold medal Who succeeds in life's road, there are smooth roads, but also bumpy roads;

In the years I have done, there are laughter and bitterness, and tears tell me a story of a fall. Sweat has added a lot of weight to me, and I am more mature.

Ideal is different from reality after all, failure is part of life,

No one can choose and refuse.

In life you have to work hard, to struggle, to go forward in the storm,

There is an regrettable memory at each of the stations that raise funds. Tears are not lost, wandering is not confusion,

Success belongs to those who overcome defeat, persevere, and have the courage to pursue their dreams.

Come on, athletes!

`` Like a 1,500-meter athlete ''

You are the heart of the sports field, beating your dreams; you are the spirit of the long road, inspiring glory;

You are the people who will search up and down! The wind will cheer for you, the cloud will cheer you up,

Firmness, perseverance, endurance and hope, unite in the middle of the extended white runway!

Strength, faith, hard work and struggle, gradually brighten on the distant finish line!

The strong sound of the times is sounding at your feet.

To the 5000m Athlete

Breathe deeply, waiting for you is the difficult 5000 meters.

I believe victory belongs to you.

But on this journey, you need to face it with bravery.

We are cheering for you, have you heard our cry from your heart?

Difficulties and victory are beckoning to you, go, go quickly, do not hesitate.

Hurry up to defeat the difficulties and hurry up to win!

I believe you will send us a sweat soaked smile!

"Congratulations on the successful convening"

The sunshine of October The morning glow of October A bright and bright October A bumper October

Cheering laughter and colorful flags fluttering at the opening of the Games. The inner joy cannot be expressed in words.

Thousands of beautiful words cannot describe the efforts of yesterday to be tested today!

Let today's success write a new future


A few sincere encouragements, a few kind greetings, a few affectionate eyes, and a lot of support and help,

Bringing athletes confidence, courage, determination and perseverance to take the first place. A few shouts, a bunch of flowers,

The gongs and drums and applause brought the athletes satisfaction, gratitude, and joy and pleasure after success.

Thank you, our cheerleaders!

"Confidence is Hope"

If it is a seed, it should have a green hope. If it is a seed, it should have a golden dream. Don't lie in a closed greenhouse.

Now that you're on the field, don't think too much about the runway is full of sunshine. Don't be shy or nervous.

Listening to Qiu Yan singing for you in the air, go and pick up a piece of golden, full of confidence, there is hope

To the Athletes

In life, we are trying every day, we go to success, taste failure, walk through the rainy and clear sky of the soul

Athletes, don't give up trying. If you succeed, this is the motivation for the next try.

If you fail, summarize your experience, learn from it, and keep working hard

Whether it is failure or not, the spirit of your courage to participate is the victory behind

Regardless of success, we will always praise you

You will always be our proud efforts, athletes!

To the 1500m Athlete

The athlete's muscular posture is flying on the 1500-meter track

Come on, come on, come on ...

Drops of sweat, a hint of hope

How many times in my life can I encourage you

Work hard

Victory is in sight

"Like the long distance runner"

On the sports field, you have your heart and soul. On the sports field, you have the figure of hard work. Face the long journey

You do n’t have to dread and retreat, let your sweat wet your back, let yourself be exhausted, climb your whole body, and still strive to catch up.

Earn honor for the class. Fight for me.

The Voice of the Lost

Quietly, I stepped aside to avoid all applause and eyes away from the brilliance and glory of the winner. If life is also a competition

I participated and tasted the taste of competition so that I also raised my head to shake off the depression in my heart

Next time i will compete with you

Elementary and middle school autumn games cheer draft 200 words three

For long distance runners

Hone is extraordinary perseverance, the contest is extraordinary physical strength, the struggle is outstanding endurance, running a long runway into a long journey. Listen, the howling wind is cheering for you; look, the hunting bunting is cheering for you! Come on, for that glorious moment! (Proud of you, applaud for you-To 100 meters athletes have your pace on the sports field That is the expression of hard sweat. You are like the clouds in the sky, with gorgeous colors. The steed of Mercedes-Benz, the pace of flying makes your victory ahead. Bless you, cheers for you!

To the athletes

One day, I woke up next to the dream; between my fingers, the light was a little special; I could see it, seeing the light changing, becoming a colorful allegory, flying to the beginning of the dream. One day, I ran across the runway; between my cheeks, sweat kept flowing; I can feel, feel you are changing, become a strong person in life, running to the edge of success! Although, the sky is gloomy, although, some Faint chill. However, everyone holds their heads forward, everyone is refreshed, and everyone rushes towards the end towards victory! Athletes, you are our pride, we cheer for you and cheer for you! You are proud of your sports A brilliant pearl on the throne, you are a young eagle flying in the blue sky. Don't be afraid of failure, don't be afraid of being left out, whenever we are proud of you.

To the 800m Athletes

This is the trial of time, this is the test of perseverance. Although the future is bright, as long as you work hard, you will always reach the other side of success. Athletes, don't get discouraged because of the promising future, don't give up because of poor results. In the boundlessness, victory always belongs to you. You have n’t forgotten in the popular world, flying the shining youth, you have n’t forgotten, you are in the direction of victory, galloping like the wind, wind and vertical, do n’t give up lightly, because we have sworn for youth—popularity World!

To the athletes

You are the meteor across the runway, burning yourself and radiating glory. Maybe you haven't seen success like you wave your hand, but you have struggled and worked hard. Believe in yourself, the strength is in your heart. Free your passion in the wind and rain, release your hopes in the sun, without your past past, only grasp the present, tomorrow without you tomorrow, only the road ahead. The past is gone. You must understand that today is the real you. Use your truth and all you have to express the hope in your heart.

To 1500m Athletes

A drop of sweat floated on the green field, and with the vigorous pace, played the desired movement. All kinds of beliefs are placed on the blue sky, and with your deep eyes, draw beautiful arcs. How many times can life beat? Thousands of eyes have watched you, for hope, for victory, to run out of youthful dreams.

Round Hope-To Shot Putters

The heavy shot puts your hope in it. The moment when you are struggling to toss, a shining arc cuts through the beautiful sky, hoping to move forward and moving forward! You win and look at the red finish line in the distance. That is sweat. The paved road, the mountains piled up with tears, the usual hard work and struggle, not for this moment, so you exhausted your whole body and rushed to the red line that determines fate. You have won, and classmates floated in your ears Cheers and admiration.

What is brilliance?

When life is most helpless, burst out with great strength. What is brilliance? Under the great strength of the body, it is still moving forward. What is glory? Use all your strength to set a new record. What is brilliance? Hard work is brilliance, and hard work is brilliance. What is brilliance? Athletes are brilliance! Why? Because they have worked hard, struggled and paid!

To All Referee Teachers

Although there are no dazzling flowers in front of you, and although there is no applause for you in your ears, you have no regrets and dedication for the happiness of teachers and students. All referees and teachers, please say a word to you, hard work! Thank you! (Jin Qiu sent great results and fruitful results. The experimental middle school ushered in another sports meeting. Our school's sports development has grown stronger year by year. Our junior class 28 thanks the school for creating this exercise for us, reviewing the results, and working hard. We are willing to grow together with the experimental middle school. We believe that it will be a hard work and a harvest, and the sweat in the training of athletes will not flow in vain. I wish that some athletes at this Games will break the record of the school games and the district games. Will record the results of the game, plug the level.

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